Centenary University Institutional Refund Policy

The following is a summary of Centenary University's withdrawal/leave of absence/dropped courses policies with regards to tuition, room and board, and fees.

This policy is used to determine the adjusted charges the student is obligated to pay the University after the percentage to be credited has been applied. The date used to calculate the withdrawal percentage, regardless of whether or not a student has attended, will be the following: 1. The date the student submits a Drop form to the Registrar’s Office; 2. The date the student submits an Official Withdrawal or Leave of Absence form to Student Success Coach; 3. The date the University is notified that the student has ceased participating in an academic related activity for all courses. This policy is not to be confused with federal and state regulations regarding the return of federal and state aid funds when a student receiving federal and state financial aid withdraws or takes a leave of absence. (Federal and State aid includes all aid identified on a student's financial aid award as a federal or state scholarship, grant and/or loan.)

A separate calculation, to determine the aid that must be returned, if any, is done according to federal and state regulations. The date used in determining the federal return policy will be the last date the student participated in an academic related activity for the applicable term’s courses. However, the percentage of funds that must be returned, as prescribed by the regulations, may not match the percentage used to determine charges. This may then create a balance owed by the student to the University, above any prior unpaid balance or a balance due on federal grants, which must be repaid directly to the federal government.

For more information and examples of how the Federal Return of Title IV fund policy works go to:

http://www.centenaryuniversity.edu/admission-aid/tuition-financial-aid/policies/withdrawal/ and click on “Click for the full Financial Aid Student Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds Policy”.