Payment of Bills

All financial obligations to the University must be paid at the beginning of each semester or term. Payment must be made in full, with one-half upon registration and the balance to be paid by the mid-point of the semester, and/or Financial Aid sufficient to cover the cost of the semester. If payment criteria are not met before the start of the semester, the student may be dropped from his/her course(s). Once payment or satisfactory payment arrangements have been completed, the student will be allowed to re-register but will not be guaranteed placement in his/her originally scheduled course(s). A late payment fee will be charged prior to the student being allowed to re-register. Also, if prior payment is not completed the student’s account will be considered past due and charged a late payment fee. Past due accounts will prevent a student from registering for the next semester. No grade report or transcript will be issued to any student, and no person may participate in Commencement or receive a degree if all financial obligations owed the University have not been met. A student whose grade report is withheld due to an unmet financial obligation may view his or her grades in person in the Registrar’s Office. The financial obligations include tuition, room and board, and all other forms of indebtedness to the University such as special course fees, parking fines, library fines, and return of library books.

Any financial obligations outstanding the semester after the one for which a student was billed may be submitted to an outside collection agency. The student will then be responsible for all past due charges as well as collection agency contingency fees (up to a maximum of 50% of the delinquent account balance) plus late payment penalties, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs the University incurs in the process of collecting on a delinquent account. A delinquent account may also be reported to a national credit bureau.

All checks should be made payable to Centenary University and not to any individual officer. Returned checks and ACH payments are subject to a $25 service fee. The University and its agents, representatives, attorneys, and contractors (including collection agencies) have the right to contact a student through his/her mobile phone, home phone and e-mail, including by way of text, automated message calls, and or auto dialer.

For the latest and most up-to-date information on tuition and fees, please contact the Student Billing Office or visit