Academic Review Board

Academic Review Board
The Academic Review Board (ARB) is a standing committee of faculty and staff that is responsible for hearing appeals from students regarding dismissals from the University, monitoring and hearing appeals to academic code of conduct and hearing grade grievances related to arbitrary or misapplication of grading policies. For information regarding specific policies please refer to the dismissal, academic standing, grade grievance and code of conduct sections of this catalog. Please note that the Academic Review Board also periodically reviews the progress of students on academic probation. This Board may impose such penalties as are appropriate, including, but not limited to, probation, suspension, or dismissal. Decisions of the Board are final and not subject to appeal. The Academic Review Board shall consist of: the Chief Academic Officer, the Chief Student Services Officer, the Senior Director of Academic Success and Advising, the Registrar, and three (3) members of the Faculty Body, one of which is the Director of General Education. The chairperson is the Senior Director of Academic Success and Advising.

The review of the academic progress of students on academic probation occurs minimally at the end of each semester. Such reviews are share with the ARB in executive session by the Senior Director of Academic Success and Advising. As a result of such reviews, the ARB may:
1. Suspend, dismiss, or expel a student;
2. Limit a student's credit hour load;
3. Set performance goals for students which must be met in order for the student to remain at Centenary; and/or
4. Require or recommend tutorial assistance.

General procedures for Academic Review Board hearings are as follows:
1. The student must appeal to the ARB by the designated time for the specific infraction that is being appealed per the appropriate policy in this catalog.
2. The student and advisor are notified of the date, time, and place of the appeal hearing. The student is required to attend the hearing. The student’s advisor may attend the hearing or send written information to be presented to the ARB. The student always has the right to have a member of the Centenary staff or faculty present at the hearing to serve as their advisor but not to speak on behalf of the student. The student may also invite someone from outside of the Centenary community to serve as support to the student but this person cannot speak on behalf of the student.
3. At the hearing, the student presents the case for appeal, including personal testimony and the testimony of others if applicable. The ARB then asks the student questions and offers guidance and suggestions to ensure that this a learning process. These hearings are typically 15 to 20 minutes long.
a. The ARB has the option of consulting with anyone who has information relevant to the situation. The ARB then makes its decision in executive session.
4. The ARB has the right to deny or uphold the appeal of the student or to modify in any manner the restrictions or penalties originally imposed on the student. The decision of the ARB is final.
5. The student will receive notification with the decision of the ARB within one week of the hearing.