Appeals of Dismissals

Any student who has been dismissed by the University may appeal in writing to the ARB through the Senior Director of the Academic Success and Advising Center (ASAC). Letters requesting an appeal must be postmarked or received by the University on or before, but no later than, ten calendar days from the date on the letter of dismissal. Grounds for appeal may include technical error, changes in temporary grades, extenuating circumstances, and/or additional information not previously available to the committee. Letters of appeal must state the reason for appeal and, where possible, should be accompanied by appropriate documentation. As part of the appeals process, the student may request that their academic advisor and/or an appropriate member of the University’s support staff be allowed to accompany them to the hearing to provide support and consultation. As this hearing is part of the internal due process procedures of the University, legal representation at this time is neither recommended nor allowed. The decision of the ARB is final. Students will be notified in writing within one week of the action taken. If reinstated, a second dismissal is final.