Change of Name

A request for a change-of-name by a Centenary student is made through the Office of the University Registrar. A change-of-name request will be considered for any of the following reasons: marriage; divorce; naturalization; court-ordered change. All requests for a change-of-name must be accompanied by the proper documentation as well as a state issued driver’s license or ID. Change-of-name forms can be accessed through the Registrar’s Office in the Seay Building.

Students may elect to identify a chosen first name which will be used within the University. Chosen name will not be used where the legal name is required. Any student wishing to identify a chosen first name must complete a Chosen name form and return it the Registrar’s Office.

Requests from Centenary graduates for a change-of-name after graduation will be reviewed on an individual basis. Typically, requests for a change-of-name due to marriage, divorce, naturalization, or a court-ordered change-of-name will be considered. In making this request, the student should state the basis for the name change. Photocopies of relevant legal documents should be included. If the request is approved, the original diploma must be returned together with a check or money order in the amount of $50 payable to Centenary University. The name will be changed on the student’s academic record (SIS) and the new diploma with the same name will be ready for delivery within three to four weeks.