Incompletes should be used sparingly and judiciously. When an Incomplete is granted, the instructor must establish a firm time frame for the student to complete the course. Once the work is completed, the instructor must submit a "Grade Change Form" to the Registrar’s Office indicating the new grade that will replace the Incomplete. If a grade change is not submitted, a grade of “Incomplete” automatically will turn to an “F” on the student’s transcript.  An incomplete is not computed in the grade point average. When the course is completed, the cumulative average will be recalculated, replacing the "I" with the value for the grade received. A grade of "I" must be completed within two weeks of the start of the next term; otherwise a permanent grade of "F" will be recorded for the course(s).   For SPS students the incomplete will automatically turn to an F have four (4) weeks from the course end date.