Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence (LOA) are permitted under special circumstances. Graduate students who desire to take a leave of absence must begin that process in person with the Student Success Coach or in the Academic Success Office. A student may also reach out to the Student Success Coach at Studentsuccesscoach@centenaryuniversity.edu. Please refer to the “Student Handbook” on the university’s web site www.centenaryuniversity.edu for further details.

Withdrawal from the University

A graduate student who plans to withdraw from the University at any time , for any reason must contact the University’s Success Coach or the Academic Success Office to initiate the process where they will complete the appropriate documentation. A student may also reach out to the Student Success Coach at Studentsuccesscoach@centenaryniversity.edu. A student who fails to complete a leave of absence or officially withdraw from the University and does not report to the University for the subsequent semester may be moved to an inactive status. Thereafter, the student may be administratively withdrawn from the University no earlier than one year from the end of the last term attended. Should the student wish to return, reapplication will be necessary.