Students are expected to register for courses in the first semester following their acceptance. Requests to defer an acceptance date must be made in writing to the Office of Graduate Enrollment. Centenary will not retain applications and supporting documents of those who do not register within a two-year period.

Students are expected to register for all courses by the published registration date. Registration forms may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, or graduate students may register online. Students who plan to continue their studies in the following semester are encouraged to register for courses during the priority registration period specified in the academic calendar. Student veterans on record with the Office of Veteran Services at Centenary University, who are enrolled in a traditional degree program (not accelerated) may register for classes on the first day of priority registration for each Fall and Spring semester of any academic year.  

New and Returning SPS students are planned for their required classes based on an audit of transfer credit (if applicable) upon admittance to each program. SPS students should register for their courses at least 30 days prior to the start of the course. Registering for courses is required for students to be added to the course roster and to gain access to course information via the Learning Management System.