Provisional and Conditional Admission

There are occasions when students whose credentials are insufficient for admission by the usual University standard may be given the opportunity to study at Centenary University.  Students who do not meet the general admission guidelines, as well as those providing disciplinary information, will be reviewed in an individual basis.  

Provisional admission is a temporary classification until confirmation of baccalaureate degree or other final documentation required for admission by the usual University standard is received. Students admitted provisionally must provide the required admissions documentation by the end of their first semester. Examples include but are not limited to official transcripts or letters of recommendation.

Conditional admittance occurs when students who did not meet admissions standards (GPA, GRE, or prerequisite courses) are given time to prove they can be successful in a particular program.

Students admitted conditionally need to meet the admission condition within a prescribed period of time as determined by the department/program.