Master of Arts in School Counseling – 48 Credits


Program Description

The Master of Arts in School Counseling program trains individuals to perform school counseling services such as the study and assessment of individual pupils with respect to their status, abilities, interest and needs. It trains students to counsel with administrators, teachers, students and parents regarding personal, social, educational, and vocational plans and programs. This degree also trains students to develop cooperative relationships with community agencies in assisting children and families. This program has been approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education for certification as a New Jersey School Counselor.

Program Goals

  • Develop a thorough understanding of and competence in the practice of individual and group counseling.
  • To acquire an appreciation for the role of the counselor in society and an understanding of the ethical and legal responsibilities associated with that role.
  • To acquire a comprehensive understanding of human growth and development.
  • Develop competency in understanding of psychological testing and evaluation.
  • To acquire professional skills and practical experience in the provision of counseling services in a school setting.

Program Requirements

  • Comply with the academic policies and procedures of Centenary University
  • Complete 48 program prescribed graduate credit hours
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of “B” (3.0) or better for courses completed for the degree
  • Complete a residency requirement consisting of minimally 36 credit hours at Centenary University
  • Complete the program within 7 years from the date of initial enrollment
  • Successfully pass the comprehensive assessment consisting of a review of program content
  • Demonstrate throughout the program course of study behavior consistent with the American Counseling Association (ACA) Ethical Code of Conduct, and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Ethical Code
  • Complete a supervised counseling practicum in a school setting

Grading Policy for Counseling Programs

Graduate students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above in order to receive a degree. Any graduate student who receives more than one grade of C (to include C+, C, and C-) will be dismissed from the program. No grades of D will be given (anything lower than a C- is an F). A grade of F will result in dismissal from the program.


Students who are required to complete undergraduate foundation courses may request that they be taken as an official audit. Students choosing this option must designate such at the time of registration or by the end of the first week of the respective semester in which the courses are taken. Audited courses are recorded on the student’s permanent record as an “AUD,” and cannot be converted to a letter grade.

Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or applicants with an undergraduate degree in another discipline will be required to take a series of prerequisite undergraduate psychology courses
  • Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA 3.0
  • Personal Statement
  • No GRE required

Curriculum Requirements

Guidance and Counseling-21 credits (Required)

GCO-501Counseling: the Profession


GCO-502Ethics for the Counseling Profession


GCO-505Counseling: Theory & Practice I


GCO-506Counseling: Theory & Practice II


GCO-510Clinical Interviewing


GCO-520Group Dynamics I


GCO-586Career Counseling


Testing and Evaluation-3 credits

GCO-546Diagnostic Assessment


Statistical and Research Methods-6 credits

GCO-541Statistical Analysis


GCO-544Research Methods in Counseling


Psychology-6 credits

GCO-561Human Growth & Development


GED-601Theories Nature & Needs of Ind W/ Disab


Sociological Foundations-6 credits

GCO-562Soc. & Cultural Foundations of Behavior


GCO-593Prevention Planning, Program Evaluation, & Community Resources


Field Experience-6 credits

Requires students to participate in a supervised counseling practicum in a school setting

GCO-603School Counseling Practicum I


GCO-604School Counseling Practicum II


*If you are combining both Clinical Counseling and School Counseling, you will be required to take the following: GCO-525, GCO-566, GCO-568, GCO-584, GCO-601 Field Experience I, and GCO-603 School Counseling Practicum I.