Educational Opportunity Program (E.O.P.)

The state‐funded Educational Opportunity Program, located in the Student Life Suite of the Seay Building, provides academic supportive services and financial assistance to students who are first generation University attendees. These students, who have graduated from DFG (District Factor Groups) and Abbott Districts, demonstrate the potential and motivation to be successful at Centenary University. In order to be selected for the Program, students must be a New Jersey resident and fulfill the eligibility criteria established by the State of New Jersey, Centenary University, and the Educational Opportunity Program. Some of the first‐time freshmen are required to attend a five-week residential summer program prior to their first semester of attendance at Centenary University. The summer program is designed to strengthen and reinforce basic skills in the areas of Math, English, and Writing. In addition to academic support, the program assists in the acclimation and development of student familiarity within the campus structure and staff. Students also participate in seminars in leadership as well as personal and career development. Tutorial services are available every semester, including summer, to both initial and returning students. In order to promote successful academic achievement, the staff closely monitors student progress. Counseling service is provided to assist the students in their adjustment to University life. Applicants for admission to Centenary University through the EOP must complete the regular admissions process and complete an EOP questionnaire before eligibility for the EOP can be determined.

Contact information for EOP at Centenary University:

Devon Vialva

Director of the Educational Opportunity Program

Phone: (908)852‐1400, ext. 2176

Fax: (908)979-4287

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday

8:30am‐4:30pm EST