Independent Study

Any sophomore, junior, or senior who has earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.750 may elect, if the program area of study permits, to do intensive independent study in an area that is of special interest and in which previous preparation warrants undertaking work over and beyond that available in the regular course offerings of the University. Independent studies are not to be used as substitutes for established courses unless there is an irreconcilable conflict. The student selects a topic from a single field of learning or one that is interdisciplinary, prepares and executes a plan of study in consultation with a full‐time Faculty member who will supervise the course, presents a written report of other evidence of accomplishment suitable to the topic. In addition, the student may be required to take an oral or written examination. The credit granted, to be determined when the topic is approved, may be for one to four credit hours. No more than eight credits in independent study may be applied toward an Associate's degree; the maximum number of credits applicable toward a Bachelor's degree will be determined by the nature of the student's program.